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Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs 3After my professor's wife came home, I didnt see much of him. Between
classes and homework, neither one of us had much time. But he had taught me
something important. As a chubby guy, there were always guys who would want
to be with me, and it was important for those of us in the Fellowship of
Chubs to help other chubs lolita lesbian sex pic to feel good about themselves and to know they
were wanted and attractive.One day in my dorm, I was in the cafeteria, and I noticed this chubby asian
guy. He usually sat by himself, and the more I thought about it, the more I
realized he was always sitting by himself. I went over to where he was
eating and sat down across from him. I asked him how school was going, and
he said it was ok. I asked him what classes he was taking and was pretty
impressed. I told him I didnt know too many of the guys in the dorm, and
wanted to know if he wanted to hang out with me later in my room. He looked
at me and asked if I was asking him because he was chubby too, and I said
no, but it is something we have in common. He said being chubby wasnt a
basis for a friendship. I agreed with him, but said we do have common
experiences because of it. He nodded in agreement, and said he didnt know
if he had time to drop by, but if he did, he would.I went back to my room and started on my homework. It was warm in the room
because they had the air conditioning off, so I took off my shirt and put on
some gym shorts. Normally I wouldn't sit around without a prelolitas 12 years models
shirt, even
though i was alone, but I was feeling better about my body, so I took it
off. About 9:30, there was a knock at the door, and there was James, my
asian friend. When I came to the door without a shirt, James' eyes got big,
but he said hi, and I let him in. I told him to make himself comfortable,
and he sat on the bed. I asked him what kind of music he liked, and his
musical tastes were similar to mine, so I put a CD on, and we chatted about
school, and what it was like to grow up chubby. After we swapped horror
stories, I noticed he was sweating, and I suggested he take his shirt off.
He started making excuses and I stopped him and told him I understood as a
chub that we normally dont take our shirts off, but I said it nymphet lolita bbs kdz was just us,
and there was no need to feel uncomfortable. He frowned, then took off his
loose fitting tee shirt. When he took off his shirt, my eyes got bigger.
He had a very smooth chest, round pointed breasts, and very dark nipples.
He had jet black hair under his arms, which I thought looked really hot. He
said it felt more comfortable. I asked him if he had a girlfriend, and he
said he never had one. I said neither did I. he told me no one ever
touched him, and I told him until a few weeks earlier, no one touched me
either. He asked what happened, and I told him I met someone that wanted
to feel my chest, and it felt real good. I didnt know how he would react to
knowing I had gay sex, and didn't want to freak him out.He seemed real interested, and asked what it felt like to be touched. I
told him it was like electricity going down to my cock. He asked if we did
anything else, and I said one thing kinda led to another. but yeah. He said
since I didnt say it was a girl, he assumed it was with a guy and he
smirked. He seemed more interested than condemning. I told him that no one
had touched me like that my whole life, and it felt good, and to feel like
that again, i'd let anyone touch me. I told him it made me feel sexy and
desireable. I asked if he ever felt like that and he said he hadn't. He
asked what the guy did, and I told him I couldn't really describe it, i'd
have to show him. Then I asked if he wanted me to show him. He seemed real
nervous and shakey. He asked why I wanted to do it, and I told him I
thought he had a very sexy body, and I really wanted to feel it. He looked
at me like he didn't believe me. I understood that feeling. I told him the
idea of feeling him was getting me hard. It was making me nervous because
I was really putting myself out there to him, and he didn't show me any
signs of reciprocation. He could leave and tell everyone I was a queer. He
said if he was making me me hard, I should show him. I asked if he really
wanted to see, and he said he did, so i slid down my shorts, and let him see
my small hairy hard cock. He seemed really blown away, and asked if he
could touch it. free lolita videos sites I said he could. He wrapped his hand around my cock and
started stroking me and felt my balls. He seemed to be lost in thought as
he stroked me. He said we really do have a lot in common, because his cock
is the same size. He asked if i liked to finger my ass while I jerked off
and I said I did. Before I could say another word, he had a finger up my
ass as he stroked me. He had invaded my two most private places. I started
feeling his chest with my fingertips and palms. He moaned as I caressed
his chest. I leaned in and started sucking his nipples. He moaned loudly
and let me feel and lick his hairy pits. I told him how hot his body was and
that I would do anything he wanted to please him. He slid down his shorts
and breifs, and let me stroke his cock. He was right, it was the same size
as mine, only he had a black bush with straight pubes. I stroked him and
gently tugged on his balls. Then I leaned in and took his cock in my
mouth. He started face fucking me, as i caressed his inner thighs and his
ass. We got on my bed, and I let him get on top of me. I pressed my lips
to his and we tongue kissed as he ground his hard cock into mine. He broke
our kiss and said he thought I was hot. He asked if he sucked my cock,
would I let him fuck me. I said we could do whatever he wanted. He got
between my legs and started sucking my cock. He fingered my ass as he
sucked me, and was bringing me to free lolita videos sites the point of no return. I started
bucking and said I was going to cum, and he kept his mouth on my cock,and
caught my load in his mouth. He spit it out and rubbed my cum on his cock
and on my ass. Then he pulled up my legs and slid his cock into me in one
quick thrust. He started thrusting in me hard and fast. I loved the feel
of his cock inside me, and the view of his hairy crotch pistoning between my
legs. I clamped down on his cock and he moaned loudly. I felt his cum
filling my ass.He collapsed on top of me and said it was great. I told him about the
Fellowship of Chubs, and that I really do think he is hot and sexy. He
started dropping by alot after that.and the next semester, we moved in
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